Mollie Rose

Pilates Teacher

We need to decrease the stigma around aging and, through community inclusion and education, understand and support a healthy aging process.

Current Work

Mollie is a Classical Pilates teacher and co-founder of Pilates in Common where her focus has been creating a curriculum that prioritizes student’s self-sufficiency. She is working to increase equity in the healthcare system by exposing a wider population to preventative movement practices. 

Personal Hero

Mister Rogers

Words of Strength

Creative synthesis


As an Atlantic Fellow, Mollie aims to highlight preventative movement education as a fundamental component of healthcare. This will increase the overall well-being of the individual and decrease the scale and impact of dementia.


The Pilates method improves balance and coordination, enhances interoceptive awareness, and promotes new neuromuscular patterns. Unlike other forms of exercise, the emphasis on the mind body connection places Pilates in an opportune position to explore the positive cognitive effects of mindful movement practices often overlooked within traditional aerobic exercise. 


As an Atlantic Fellow, Mollie aims to foster a greater sense of understanding of what healthy movement can look and feel like for people living with dementia.


It is widely accepted that exercise is one of the key modifiable risk factors for preventing cognitive decline and yet a remarkably low percentage of the population has a consistent exercise practice. 

Education & Experience

Mollie received her undergraduate degree in Community Studies and Sociology from the University of California, Santa Cruz. She graduated from the Advanced Pilates Teacher Training and Master’s Program through the Pilates Center, Boulder and is a host advisor for the teacher training program at The Pilates Workshop, San Francisco. Mollie also co-founded and teaches Pilates through her studio, Pilates in Common.

Global Brain Health Institute (GBHI)
Atlantic Fellow for Equity in Brain Health
Pilates Center, Boulder
Advanced Pilates Teacher Training and Master’s Program
University of California, Santa Cruz
Community Studies and Sociology
Bachelor’s Degree



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