Graffiti mural with the words, "togeter, we create!"
Project Type - Artistic Initiatives

Creative Minds

Engaging older adults through arts- and movement-based workshops aimed at promoting brain health
Northern America


Creative Minds represents a unique collaboration between the UCSF MAC Community Outreach Program and Atlantic Fellows at GBHI. Funded by the City of San Francisco, the program seeks to engage older adults living in the most vulnerable and underserved neighborhoods of San Francisco through arts- and movement-based workshops aimed at promoting brain health. To date, workshops have centered around photography, movement and dance, DIY brain-friendly cleaning products, and pop-up arts. 

Project Details

In 2020, overcoming challenges imposed the COVID-19 pandemic, we launched Creative Minds with four main workshops: Photographing Your Neighborhood, Neuro-nose, Pop-Up Arts, and Every Body Moves.

Sample Exhibitions

Using a virtual exhibition space allowed us to include many more pieces than we might otherwise have been able to. For the best viewing experience, click "Enter the Exhibition", then select "Start guided tour" from the menu on the upper right corner of the page and view with your computer sound on!

Here is a link to other current exhibitions: