Nahuel Magrath Guimet, MD


To reduce the impact of dementia, it is necessary to make people aware of the disease and its possible prevention.

Current Work

Nahuel is a medical psychiatrist interested in frontotemporal dementia diagnosis and education.

Personal Hero

My grandparents and my mentors

Words of Strength

Passionate, persevering and hardworking


To reduce the impact of dementia, Nahuel believes it is necessary to make people aware of the disease and its possible prevention, while progress is being made in investigating new treatments and methods that allow for an earlier diagnosis.


Nahuel is creating a frontotemporal dementia unit to care for people suffering from this illness, investigating new diagnostic methods, and educating other professionals on how to correctly identify and diagnose this disease as it's frequently misdiagnosed as a psychiatric disease.


In Argentina, knowledge about frontotemporal dementia is limited and often misdiagnosed. As an Atlantic Fellow, Nahuel hopes to advance in the development of tools that allow us to diagnose this pathology earlier.


In Argentina, people with dementia are often diagnosed late, which limits access to treatment. This delay worsens the quality of life of patients and their families, leading to a deterioration of social and emotional ties and a tremendous economic impact.

Education & Experience

Nahuel studied at the University of Buenos Aires, where he obtained his medical degree. Nahuel completed a year of residency in Internal Medicine and then a residency in Psychiatry. Later, he completed his Neuropsychiatric Fellowship in Fleni. After completing the fellowship, he joined as a staff member.

Global Brain Health Institute (GBHI)
Atlantic Fellow for Equity in Brain Health
Fleni (Argentina)
Neuropsychiatric Fellowship
Internal Medicine
University of Buenos Aires

Awards & Honors

Numerous conferences and hospitals
Invited Speaker
5 books
Psychopharmacology and dementia


Near FM

Talkin’ About Neurodegeneration: Simon Murphy, Jonathan Rohrer, Martina Cloak and Nahuel Magrath Guimet

Frontotemporal Dementia

July 5, 2021



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