Current Work

Ronan acts as a support for the Atlantic Fellows for Equity in Brain Health and the GBHI learning experience. Working across many facets of the program, he helps these leaders in brain health optimize their learning experience.

Personal Hero

David Attenborough

Words of Strength

An eye for detail


Ronan believes education and equity are two of the most fulfilling and noble undertakings to promote. At GBHI he is able to better himself and help others better the world.


For most of his professional life Ronan worked in media, mainly researching and producing shows that promoted the arts, culture, science, and social issues.


Ronan's work helps to optimise the learning experience, one of the core elements of the Atlantic Fellowship in Brain Health program, and ensures it is provided in as accessible, engaging, and informative way as possible.

Education & Experience

After securing a Bachelor’s Degree with honors in History and Philosophy from University College Dublin, Ronan completed a Master's of Arts in the History of International Relations, securing a First. In February 2020 he became a member of the GBHI operations team.

History of International Relations
Master of Arts
University College Dublin
History, Philosophy
Bachelor’s Degree (honors)