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Project Type - Advocacy Initiatives

Brain Health and Housing

GBHI and Respond Housing Association partnership
Northern Europe


The partnership between GBHI and Respond aims to examine our understanding of brain health and how it can be applied to housing design and provision and the development of sustainable communities. These issues, which inherently touch on social justice and equity, are key to both Respond and GBHI’s core mission and identity.

As a not-for-profit housing resource and service provider, Respond Housing Association, an Approved Housing Body, plays a central role in providing homes and supporting communities around Ireland. They also provide a range of services, including family homeless services, day care services for older people, early childhood care and education, family support, and refugee resettlement services.

Project Details

GBHI and Respond have collaborated to develop a brain health training program with the initial tranche running from November 2020 to April 2021. This program aims to create awareness and understanding of the importance of brain health, including how threats to brain health can affect a person’s behavior and interactions, best practices to manage such threats, and guidance to cultivate the brain health of the larger community.

Read more about the training program.

GBHI is also collaborating with Respond to deliver a series of thematic seminars, which will bring together experts in the fields of brain health and housing. This series will be action-oriented, aiming to discuss, generate and disseminate best practice in the field.

Learn more about the Brain Health & Housing Seminar Series:

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