Sarah D'Alessio, MSW

Policy Analyst

Increased awareness and coordinated action is necessary to protect the rights of persons with dementia.

Current Work

Sarah is a policy analyst in the Ministry of Health for the Government of Bermuda. Her recent work has focused on the development and improvement of long term care, adult protection and guardianship standards and systems.

Personal Hero

Her mother, nurse, and advocate

Words of Strength

Collaboration and advocacy


By better recognizing and supporting the rights, strengths and individuality of persons with dementia we can begin to shift how we care and support people to meet their needs and help ensure quality of life.


Sarah is working to improve long term care and adult support systems to enhance quality of life, uphold human rights and ensure person-centered care.


As an Atlantic Fellow, Sarah gained a deeper understanding of brain disease and best practices for health and social care services and systems. This experience has given her greater skills and creative mechanisms to improve local policy development and advocacy.


As a small island nation, providing quality care for people with dementia is challenging. Increased public and government awareness and coordinated action is necessary to address its impact on individuals, families and our social, economic and health systems.

Education & Experience

Sarah D’Alessio received undergraduate degrees in international development and social work from McGill University and the University of Victoria in Canada. She received a Master of Social Work (social policy stream) from Carleton University, Canada. After completing her master’s degree, Sarah began working as a policy analyst in the Ministry of Health and is currently working primarily in long term care policy.