Yavuz Ayhan, MD


We need to support research for better diagnosis, prevention and management; identify the community specific-regional challenges; and provide sustainable financial structures for equity in global dementia care.

Current Work

Yavuz is a psychiatrist who is interested in cognitive disorders and would like to excel in frontotemporal dementias. He works as a faculty member of the Department of Psychiatry at Hacettepe University.


Accurate diagnosis relies on correctly defining disease entities. Technology based methods in clinical sciences and neuropsychiatry may help better characterize psychiatric syndromes and lead to the discovery and identification of disease entities. On a larger scale, better studying the psychiatric symptoms in neurodegenerative disorders would improve our understanding of both dementias and primary psychiatric disorders.


Yavuz thinks it is crucial to disseminate quality research on a global scale and including diverse populations in novel research. Increased representation will not just help decrease the inequity but is also critical to gain necessary information on how human brains operate in different contexts. 


Being an Atlantic Fellow for Equity in Brain Health provides a great opportunity to build a network with experts from different backgrounds. Yavuz aims to learn diverse methods and build collaborations which will help produce more meaningful research and better clinical care.


Yavuz believes in the importance of accurate identification of cognitive disorders. He thinks in Turkey, his own country, certain aspects of clinical care need to be improved and the organization of the health services to be better structured. Yavuz believes Turkey has the potential to conduct better quality research in dementia.

Education & Experience

Yavuz received his medical school training from the Hacettepe University, Ankara, Turkey. He completed his psychiatry residency at the same school. He undertook his postdoctoral studies at Johns Hopkins Department of Psychiatry. Afterwards, he joined his home school as a faculty member in the Department of Psychiatry at Hacettepe where he is now serving as an Associate Professor.