GBHI Co-Director Ian Robertson meets with GBHI faculty, staff and fellows

Content and Structure


The curated activities of the Atlantic Fellows for Equity in Brain Health program at GBHI aim to build knowledge, enhance skills, reinforce values, and cultivate community in order to create transformative leaders in brain health.

Our program structure, informed by our theory of learning, provides the foundation for strategies and approaches to drive our learning experience. Our learning environment is fellow-centered, with an emphasis on facilitation rather than direct instruction, as well as active and self-directed learning, discussion, questioning, discourse, reflection, and experimentation. Our approach uses the diverse experiences of fellows to promote peer learning.

Our program is designed to help fellows master the following core competencies:

  1. A strong sense of GBHI values of authenticity, fairness, openness, respect, courage, and empathy, and a commitment and ability to embody those values in their own practice and inspire them in others.
  2. A strong foundation in the scientific and clinical basis of dementia and neurodegeneration underpinned by an understanding of, and empathy for, the lived experience of people with dementia and a commitment to equity and ethical practice.
  3. An ability to develop, articulate, and communicate a vision for change.
  4. The skills necessary to lead, network, and influence in the pursuit of their goals.
  5. The overarching ability and willingness to be an advocate for evidence-based change in policy and practice.

Program Elements

The program elements and associated activities are designed to provide fellows with experiences that build knowledge, enhance skills, reinforce values, and cultivate a community of well-networked global brain health leaders. These core elements are not discrete, but inherently interlinked and self-supporting.

Program elements include:

Building Knowledge

The curriculum and other activities in the program introduce both foundational and advanced concepts across a broad range of relevant subject areas, creating a shared fundamental body of knowledge and are learned through a variety of methods, including active learning, experiential learning, and reflective thinking.

The Atlantic Fellows program at GBHI includes not only traditional coursework but also practical experiences, such as clinical observations and case-based learning, links with community outreach programs, mentoring, panel discussions, and meetings with Atlantic Fellows from our sister programs.

Cultivating Community

The in-residence approach and program activities are designed to help you build relationships and networks that will continue to thrive after your fellowship period as you become a lifelong Atlantic Senior Fellow.

Reinforcing Values

All program activities are designed to reinforce the values of GBHI: authenticity, fairness, openness, respect, courage, and empathy.

Enhancing Skills

Through our curriculum, leadership, and skills courses, and mentorship you will gain the tools to become a transformative leader and change agent in your home community.

Pilot Awards for Global Brain Health Leaders

The Pilot Awards Program for Global Brain Health Leaders, supported by GBHI, the Alzheimer’s Association, and Alzheimer’s Society UK, is a key component of the GBHI learning experience. All fellows develop a pilot application as part of their learning experience, which they submit for competitive review. These awards provide an opportunity to compete for funding which will empower you to implement small-scale projects in your home communities to advance skills, knowledge, and activities to delay, prevent, and/or mitigate the impact of dementia. 


Our program also includes mentorship for each fellow to help guide the fellows’ journey through the one-year program and beyond.     

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