Older Mexican man and care partner with tablet
Project Type - Pilot Projects

Evaluating a decision aid for families of patients with advanced dementia

Improving communication between healthcare providers and surrogates
Northern America


Making decisions in advanced dementia can be an overwhelming situation for caregivers. Decision aid tools have improved treatment choices and quality of communication in nursing homes in the US and Europe. The objective is to evaluate the impact of an audiovisual decision-making aid for surrogate decision makers in advanced dementia in Mexico related to goals of end-of-life-care and to assess its impact on improving quality of communication between healthcare providers and surrogates.

Project Details

Pre-post intervention questionnaire will assess the impact of an audiovisual decision aid on surrogate decision makers by assessing acceptability, ease of use, change of care, health and wellbeing in surrogate decision making(SDM) and people living with dementia. Additional patient-level outcome data will be collected from medical records at baseline and 3-month follow up. Setting- Memory clinic affiliated to the Geriatrics department in a university tertiary referral hospital in Guadalajara, Mexico. Participants 15 SDMs of patients 65 aged and older with advanced dementia on the Global Deterioration Scale. Intervention- Structured meeting will take place with health care providers and surrogates where they will watch the audiovisual aid and discuss the content of it, reinforce knowledge, particularly pros and cons of every decision and goal. Expected results.Support surrogates by providing information and enhancing the quality of communication regarding the need to make difficult and stressful health care decisions.