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Project Type - Pilot Projects

Feasibility Study of a New Cognitive Battery for Patients with Stroke

Testing the feasibility of implementing a cognitive evaluation designed explicitly for stroke patients


We hope our work will help include the cognitive evaluation of post-stroke cognitive impairment in the national clinical guidelines and highlight the importance of cognition after stroke. 

Project Details

The project aims to test the feasibility of implementing a cognitive evaluation designed explicitly for stroke patients, including not only cognition but also neuropsychiatric syndromes, highly prevalent in stroke patients, and the patient's premorbid status. We plan to measure the clinicians' comfort using the scale in terms of time consumption, ease of use, and perception of the patients. By doing so, we expect to facilitate the implementation of the cognitive evaluation for stroke patients in routine clinical practice and to extend the use to other regional and nationwide hospitals. As secondary aims, we expect to estimate the prevalence of post-stroke cognitive impairment in a Spanish tertiary care hospital by counting the number of cases diagnosed with our battery. Also, we want to analyze the impact of post-stroke cognitive impairment on the health system by analyzing the length of stay at the hospital, visits to the emergency room during the first six months after the diagnosis, destination at discharge, and overall quality of life. Finally, we will study the participants longitudinally at six months after stroke to see the evolution of the symptoms and look for variables that can influence the outcome (for example, comorbidities, rehabilitation, medications, gender, and age).