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Project Type - Pilot Projects, Artistic Initiatives

A Photographic Perspective on Aging in Peru

Documenting the lives of elder Peruvians
Latin America & Caribbean


This pilot project's aim is to document, with photography and film, the lives of elder Peruvians living in the three diverse regions of the country, coast, mountains, and jungle, and show how the living conditions within each community shape the lives of elders living within them, highlighting the influence of key social determinants of health. Then create the first traveling, interdisciplinary exhibit documenting the aging experiences of older Peruvians composed of photographs, associated narratives from interviews with subjects and community members, and relevant medical commentaries prepared by my regional and GBHI mentors, Custodio and Lanata, both from Peru.

Project Details

Methodology and Approach In order to document the aging diversity of Peruvians, I will immerse myself in the lives of older Peruvians in the capital city of Lima, as well as in the rural towns of Máncora (in the coast), Curahuasi (in the Andes) and Santa Clotilde (in the Amazon). This approach, which combines urban and rural living, will add unique breadth to my work. I will photograph people on the ground as well as aerially through drone photography, in order to more clearly capture the living conditions of my subjects. I will be able to focus on cognitively healthy older adults, as well as individuals who have already been identified as having mild cognitive impairment and dementia, in their natural environment.