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Project Type - Pilot Projects

Promoting Brain Health

Development of Patient Education Resources
Northern Europe


This study aims to increase knowledge on the impact of lifestyle factors on brain health and on dementia risk in South Africa. Lifestyle factors contribute significantly to dementia risk, and may be even more relevant in LMIC. Focusing on risk factor reduction, has the potential to reduce the anticipated increase in dementia prevalence, as well as other illnesses which share risk factors (such as hypertension and diabetes) and which, in turn, increase dementia risk. Development of a strategy and template to create, evaluate and implement further material beyond the scope of this project. This will ensure the scalability, feasibility and efficiency of the project. 

Project Details

This study's objectives are to: Produce health education material that is understandable and actionable in order to increase health literacy on the contribution of lifestyle factors to brain health. Evaluate material and adapt as necessary. Create a template for further content to be developed, in order to be able to create patient education material in an efficient, affordable way while remaining appropriate. Implement. Disseminate materials. Increase content and translate content (with future funding)

The hopeful outcome is understandable, actionable, well-researched patient education material focusing on the lifestyle factors which have an impact on brain health. This project will enable me, and potentially others in the field of health literacy in South Africa to produce patient education materials that is useful and appropriate, in order to motivate behavior change, ultimately leading to improved health and reduced BOD in South Africa.