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Project Type - Pilot Projects

Strengthening Research Capacity and Policy Responses to Dementia in Romania

Supporting research for a national dementia plan in Romania
Northern Europe


As the elaboration of comprehensive policy responses is essential for ensuring people with dementia and their families can access appropriate care, treatment and support services, our project will be working towards building broad stakeholder support and a strong evidence-base for the development and implementation of a national dementia plan in Romania. This project will promote improvement in dementia care systems and increased quality of life and equity in access to care for people with dementia and their families. By mobilizing local stakeholders to take action and strengthening the evidence-based tools at their disposal, it paves the way for reforms that will reshape the national health and social care landscape.

Project Details

In order to ensure that health and long-term care systems are accessible, fair and effective for people with dementia and their families, there is a need for a coherent and evidence-based approach to policy making. In this context, our project focuses on supporting the development, implementation and evaluation of a national dementia plan in Romania. We will work to develop a broad advocacy coalition and to strengthen the capacity of local researchers and advocates to produce and disseminate evidence relevant for policy-making.

Three core activities are foreseen:

  1. The organization of a multi-stakeholder workshop to help develop a cohesive vision for a national dementia plan and common goals.
  2. The elaboration of a detailed situational analysis providing a systematic assessment of the current situation of dementia care, treatment and support in Romania (strengths, weaknesses and their causal roots).
  3. The projection of future needs and formulation of forward-looking policy recommendations.