Ştefania Ilinca, PhD

Health Economist

The challenges posed by the growing scale and impact of dementia worldwide should be tackled with a concerted approach that emphasizes prevention, equal access to care and awareness raising.

Current Work

Ştefania is a researcher and policy analyst focused on understanding the effects of demographic aging on health and social policy in Europe, including patterns of use of care among the elderly.


Ştefania believes we need to improve access to affordable and high quality care for people living with dementia and their families by prioritizing equity and fairness in all resource allocation decisions. Care and support should be available to those who most need it, rather than to those who can most easily afford it.


Her research focuses on highlighting persistent discrimination and inequity in access to health and long-term care, with particular attention to intersecting inequalities and vulnerable population groups. Through this work, she aims to inform policies for health and social care systems in Europe and beyond.


As an Atlantic Fellow, Ştefania gained a deeper appreciation of the enormous challenges of inequity in brain health and access to care. She also connected with an international and multi-disciplinary network of allies and collaborators, whose insights and support are invaluable.


The growing prevalence of dementia is one of the most significant challenges for the sustainability of health and social care systems and the wellbeing of communities, families and individuals. Particularly in LMICs, disadvantaged communities are extremely vulnerable to the impact of dementia.

Education & Experience

Ştefania received a master’s degree in Public Management from Bocconi University and holds a PhD in Health Economics. She acts as technical advisor for long-term care at the WHO Regional Office for Europe and is affiliated researcher at the European Centre for Social Welfare Policy and Research in Vienna (UN affiliated).

Bocconi University
Public Management
Masters degree
University of Lugano
Health Economics