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A new play by Jake Broder about love, art, science and who we are on the most profound level


Based on the fascinating real life connection between the modern day scientist Dr. Anne Adams and world famous composer Maurice Ravel, UnRavelled is an essential new play about love, art, science and who we are on the most profound level.

Project Details

Incorporating research and interviews conducted by Jake Broder as a Hellman Visiting Artist at UCSF’s Memory and Aging Center, UnRavelled explores the fascinating connection between the work of Canadian painter Anne Adams (1940–2007) and French composer Maurice Ravel (1875–1937), both of whom lived with the same rare brain disease.

According to GBHI co-director Dr. Bruce Miller, “Ravel and Dr. Adams were in the early stages of primary progressive aphasia, a form of frontotemporal dementia, when they were working. The disease apparently altered circuits in their brains, changing the connections between the front and back parts and resulting in a torrent of creativity.”

Screenings of UnRavelled, followed by a live event, will be held on February 25 (4 p.m. PST) and March 3 (5 p.m. GMT), 2021. UnRavelled remains available on demand at through March 31, 2021.

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