Global Neurology Forum—Love, Loss, and Resilience: A Dementia Care Journey

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Clinical Pathological Case Conference (CPC) / Track 1:

Love, Loss, and Resilience: A Dementia Care Journey

Nicaraguan old man and woman

The Global Neurology Forum is organized by the Global Brain Health Institute (GBHI) and the Global Teleneurology Service (GTS) at the University of California, San Francisco and:

  • Provides an opportunity for learning and dialogue about the diagnosis and management of neurological conditions worldwide
  • Aims to enhance understanding of these conditions and increase awareness of approaches to care in varied settings
  • Is for a global audience, including in resource-limited settings, to consider challenges in brain health and how to change the perception of neurological disease
  • Has two tracks: Clinical Pathological Case Conferences (CPCs) organized by GBHI and Exploring Core Challenges in Global Neurology organized by GTS
  • Is for educational purposes only, is free, and held via videoconference


Webinar participants will:

  • Consider the intricate dynamics among people living with dementia and care partners 
  • Explore how cultural and societal norms influence these dynamics
  • Learn about cognitive changes and behavioral challenges

Event Program


  • Maison Abu Raya, Behavioral Neurologist; Academic Researcher, RabLab, In-Vivo Molecular Imaging Lab, UCSF; Atlantic Fellow for Equity in Brain Health, 2022 Cohort (Israel)


  • Emmanuel Epenge, Assistant Professor, Neurology, Protestant University of Congo; Atlantic Fellow for Equity in Brain Health, 2022 Cohort (Democratic Republic of the Congo) 
  • Milton López Norori, Geriatrician and Gerontologist and Primary and Clinical Care in Rural and Urban Communities; Alzheimer Foundation of Nicaragua; Atlantic Fellow for Equity in Brain Health, 2020 Cohort  (Nicaragua) 
  • Khanyo Ngcobo, Specialist Psychiatrist and Honorary Lecturer, University of KwaZulu-Natal; Atlantic Fellow for Equity in Brain Health, 2021 Cohort (South Africa)

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