Next Generation Brain Health and Dementia Prevention in Young Adults

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group of happy young people

Dementia risk reduction research has focused almost exclusively on early life (<18 years) and later life (40+ years), leaving young adulthood empirically neglected. Young adults (18-39 years) have massive potential to protect and maintain their brain health and reduce risk of dementia across the adult lifespan. This international online symposium led by Global Atlantic Fellows for Equity in Brain Health Laura Booi and Francesca Farina, joined by additional speakers, will explore young adults’ conceptualizations of brain health, their exposure to individual- and systems-level risk factors, and strategies to engage younger generations in dementia prevention. Data from the NextGen brain health research programme - the first study focusing on brain health in young adults - will be presented, alongside a panel discussion. 


Participants will:

  • Understand how young adults conceptualize brain health and dementia
  • Understand the current state of knowledge surrounding brain health in young adults. 
  • Engage with the NextGen research programme, the first international study focusing on brain health in young adults


  • Laura Booi, Atlantic Fellow for Equity in Brain Health, Global Brain Health Institute (GBHI); Senior Research Fellow, Centre for Dementia Research, Leeds Beckett University
  • Maritza Pintado-Caipa, Atlantic Fellow for Equity in Brain Health (GBHI); Neurologist at Instituto Peruano de Neurosciencias and Independent Investigator
  • Francesca Farina, Atlantic Fellow for Equity in Brain Health, GBHI; Research Assistant Professor, Feinberg School of Medicine, Northwestern University
  • Lea Tenenholz Grinberg, Executive Committee, GBHI; Professor of Neurology and Pathology, University of California San Francisco
  • Anna Dé, Head of Stakeholder Engagement, Women’s Brain Project
  • Brian Lawlor, Site Director, GBHI - Trinity College Dublin and Executive Committee, GBHI; Professor of Old Age Psychiatry, Trinity College Dublin
  • Simon Long, Editor-at-Large, The Economist

With moderating by Laura Booi and Francesca Farina


GBHI Community and partners, collaborators, and the general public including: brain health and dementia researchers, clinicians, advocates, industry representations, and the general population interested in brain health and dementia.