Dominic Campbell

Cultural Producer

Solutions are in our grasp. But not if we only continue what we already do.

Current Work

Working as an Artistic Director, Curator, and Producer of high profile activity, Dominic’s multidisciplinary practice changes culture. His recent work explores celebration as a change strategy, longevity as a driver of social change, the roles played by creative work in promoting equity and health, and displacement as a healing process.

Words of Strength

Vision and resilience


Ask questions, differently. Listen then act, collaboratively. Solutions are in our grasp. But not if we only continue what we already do.


Dominic co-founded Creative Aging International (CAI) in Ireland, working globally encouraging people of all ages “to fall in love with their older selves and build a world for their grandchildren to grow old in”.


Through his fellowship journey he's developed a richer, deeper and more complex understanding of his role and his work. GBHI has shown it is possible to connect individual expertise to address intersectional inequities.


Dementia is a cultural issue. Its alignment with ageism, prevalent amongst people with the least influence, means it impacts those already adversely affected hardest. I work through creative practice, asset based community development, and celebration as strategy for culture change.

Education & Experience

A fine-art training at Chelsea Art School was followed by decades of practice co-creating with communities and professionals. From 1999 to 2004 Dominic Campbell transformed St Patrick’s Festival making Dublin the centre of the global celebration, attracting a live audience of 1.25 million, 25 million via broadcast, generating €80 million for the city while commissioning artists to work with communities of little influence. From 2006-2013 he developed Ireland’s Bealtaine Festival, the world’s first national arts festival of creative aging, connecting localized activity with flagship arts and health organization. It engaged 20% of the Irish population over retirement age, produced thousands of events annually, commissioned shows and exhibitions that toured the world, changed the language of the national positive aging strategy and expectations amongst Irish elders.

Chelsea Art School
Fine Art Training

Awards & Honors

Next Avenue Key Influencer in Aging

Next Avenue Key Influencer in Aging


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November 23, 2020