Funmi Akindejoye, MPH

Public Health Specialist

To reduce the growing impact of dementia, we need to act locally and think globally.

Current Work

Funmi is an environmental (public) health professional and a visual artist, with a focus on environmental risk factors for brain health and planetary health. Her work focuses on Alzheimer's disease, urban design mental health awareness, and research, in Nigeria and around the world.

Personal Hero

Prof. Adesola Ogunniyi

Words of Strength

If you can think it, you can do it


To reduce the growing impact of dementia and other brain health conditions, Funmi believes we need to act locally and think globally. Executing more population-based studies and interventions on dementia/brain health prevalence and focus on preventive strategies. will foster a public health response to dementia in developing countries.


Funmi is involved in research and interventions that borders on environmental risk factors to brain health including topics such as urban design and mental health, air pollution, green spaces/ therapeutic horticulture & brain health, etc. Also, she is involved in promoting Alzheimer's disease awareness and supporting existing dementia care setups within Lagos, Nigeria. Her work includes community-based Alzheimer’s awareness campaigns and the development of dementia awareness materials in several Nigerian languages, in the form of pamphlets and animated videos. 


As an Atlantic Fellow, Funmi's aim is to develop a sustainable approach towards strengthening available dementia and brain health research and promote awareness by establishing a network of sustainable community-based awareness and quality improvement programs across Nigeria. Also, she foresees a future where brain health/environmental health is adequately considered in urban designs and buildings.


Cities are associated with higher rates of mental health problems compared to rural areas. In Nigeria, there has been a 400% increase in dementia cases between 1995 and 2015. The aging population in sub-Saharan Africa indicates an imminent increase in dementia cases, which is projected to surpass 7.6 million in 2050.

Education & Experience

Funmi holds a bachelor’s degree in Biomedical Technology from the University of Port Harcourt and a Master’s in Public Health (MPH) degree in Environmental Health Sciences, from the University of Ibadan, both in Nigeria. She is a certified ISO14001 Lead Auditor and a Sustainability Excellence Associate. As a visual artist (with 10 years of practice) she has participated in several exhibitions both locally and internationally and uses art as a vital part of her public health practice. Over the years she has headed and contributed to several Non-profits and for-profit organizations, on Environmental Health, Brain health, as well as Sustainability/ESG causes. Funmi actively supports dementia awareness campaigns, research, and training. She has reached over 3,500 people in her campaigns, which are aimed at raising dementia awareness in Lagos, Nigeria. Funmi supports mental health through green initiatives and visual arts with programs such as social therapeutic horticulture projects, green spaces art exhibitions, etc. She runs a social enterprise: GreenDiamond360 that promotes environmental and brain health via education and arts.

Global Brain Health Institute (GBHI)
Atlantic Fellow for Equity in Brain Health
University of Ibadan, Nigeria
Environmental Health Sciences
Master’s in Public Health (MPH)
University of Port Harcourt, Nigeria
Biomedical Technology

Awards & Honors

Alzheimer's Association, Alzheimer's Society UK, Global Brain Health Institute
Pilot Award for Global Brain Health Leaders
International Alliance of Patients’ Organizations
Metrodora Award Finalist
Atlantic Institute
Solidarity Grant
African Artists' Foundation
National Art Competition Finalist (Nigeria)
University of Port Harcourt
Best Graduating Student: Faculty of Science Lab Tech


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