Project Type - Pilot Projects, Artistic Initiatives

Bloom Social Therapeutic Horticultural, Healing-Garden Project for Elderly

A social therapeutic horticulture project aimed at promoting brain health and wellbeing
Western Africa


Interaction with nature has proven to be psychologically restorative with beneficial influences on emotions. The scents of trees and plants, the sounds in nature, and fresh air give us a sense of comfort, allowing for relaxation and clearing the clutter in our minds. Several theories have described nature as positive mental health benefits including the attention restoration theory, nature, and recovery from stress. Similar to the old Japanese practice of tree bathing: simply being in the presence of nature and connecting with it via our five senses, this proposed project is a social therapeutic horticulture project aimed at promoting the brain health and wellbeing of elderly persons and their caregivers (in care homes in Lagos Nigeria) with or without underlying health conditions like dementia.

Project Details

This project will utilize gardening, art, and social interaction to improve the mental health and joy of living for the elderly. The Bloom Social and Therapeutic Horticulture Project is a follow-up to a similar project executed in 2021, supported by a Solidarity Grant from the Atlantic Institute, which improved the mental health of over 17 elderly persons and their caregivers in Lagos Nigeria, through the installation of a vertical wall garden. 

This intervention is aimed at improving the physical and psychological health of over 50 older people (with and without dementia) and their caregivers in three elderly care homes in Lagos, Nigeria through the design and development of healing garden in each of these Elderly care homes.

Read about the Bloom garden launch below: 

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