Marcela Mar Meza, MD, MS


I would like to identify diagnostic tools and therapeutic alternatives for dementia that prioritize functionality and can be introduced into the health system of Peru.

Current Work

Marcela is a geriatrician working to develop a comprehensive care program for the management of patients with cognitive disorders and caregiver support. She is also involved in the development of geriatric services in Peru to optimize the care of chronic diseases such as dementia.

Personal Hero

Mahatma Gandhi, Jacinda Ardem

Words of Strength

Work hard, perseverance, dreaming big


To reduce the scale and impact of dementia, healthcare professionals should be trained to recognize and address early on the factors that increase the risk of dementia and worsen functional performance and overall health.


Marcela is developing multidisciplinary programs that evaluate and intervene in the factors that generate greater disability in patients with cognitive impairment. She intends to generate the experience, to introduce these programs in the public services of Peru, and thus optimize the quality of life of these patients and their families.


As an Atlantic Fellow, Marcela gained a deeper understanding of neuroscience and brain disease, in addition to learnign about many interventions that optimize the care and social integration of people with cognitive impairments. With the GBHI experience, she learned the importance of mentoring and a network to support and achieve your goals.


In Peru, persons with dementia are never formally diagnosed or are diagnosed late; hence, they find themselves living in circumstances that weaken their overall health and their families. Also there are not health services to address their needs.

Education & Experience

B. Marcela Mar received her medical school training from San Antonio Abad University, in Cusco, Peru. Marcela received her geriatrician training and her master's degree in health education and research from San Marcos University in Lima, Peru. She is an assistant geriatrician of the Geriatric Department at Hospital Central de la Fuerza Aerea del Peru and a university professor.

San Antonio Abad University (Cusco, Peru)
San Marcos University (Lima, Peru)
Health education and research
Masters degree

Awards & Honors

Past President of Peruvian Society of Geriatrics
Member of Latin American Academy for Elderly Medicine
Member of Experts Committee in the Older adult issues - Peruvian Health Ministry
Member of Working Group for the defense of Peruvian Elderly Rights
Member corresponding of the Peruvian Society of Neurology