Brain Health & Housing: Creativity, Connection, Community

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About the Seminar Series

The Global Brain Health Institute (GBHI) and Respond are delighted to co-host a series of seminars which will advance our understanding of brain health as it applies to housing design, care provision and homeless services. Seminars will bring together leading brain health and housing experts to examine:

  • The design of housing services in the context of aging and dementia.
  • Promoting brain health, across the life-course, and developing sustainable communities.
  • Equity, brain health and housing. 
  • The human perspective of brain health issues for both housing service users and providers.

Creativity, Connection, Community

With a growing understanding of the life-course risk factors for brain health, how do we take an integrated approach to building and supporting brain healthy communities for all ages? 

This Brain Health & Housing Seminar will explore how creativity can be used as a tool for building and sustaining brain healthy communities. Speakers will examine how the arts can play a major role in bolstering brain health through creating community and easing isolation and loneliness as well as how these ideas can be incorporated into design and planning. 

It will be an action-oriented session, aiming to discuss, generate and disseminate best practice in the field.

The seminar will be chaired by Aine Kerr, journalist and co-founder of Kinzen.

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Linda Doyle—Provost, Trinity College Dublin

Linda Doyle was appointed the 45th Provost of Trinity College Dublin, coming into office on August 1, 2021. Dr Doyle’s previous leadership roles have been as Dean of Research, and founder Director of CONNECT, a national research centre, focused on future networks and communications. Prior to her appointment as Provost, Dr Doyle was Professor of Engineering & The Arts in Trinity College Dublin. Her expertise is in the fields of wireless communications, cognitive radio, reconfigurable networks, spectrum management and creative arts practices.

Declan Dunne—Chief Executive Officer, Respond

Declan Dunne joined Respond as Chief Executive Officer in August 2016. Declan’s previous role was Chief Executive Officer with Sophia Housing Association. He served as a Director of the North Dublin Development Coalition at DCU for nine years, was a non-executive Director of the Ballymun Regeneration Board for ten years and was a Director of Ballymun Whitehall Enterprise Centre for ten years. Declan was Chair of the Housing Alliance from 2018 to 2020. 

Dominic Campbell—Director, Creative Aging International & Atlantic Fellow, GBHI

Talk title: A Choreography of Spirits: Building Future Healthcare from Intangible Heritage

Dominic Campbell is a cultural producer inspired by the effect on societies of longevity at scale. Co-founder with Bea Kelleher of Creative Aging International working from the Irish Republic using celebration as strategy to align understanding of aging and contemporary experience so more people might live better for longer. Former Director of St Patricks' and Bealtaine Festivals, Next Avenue Key Influence on Aging, inaugural cohort of Atlantic Fellows for Equity in Brain Health at GBHI.

Alexandra Coulter—Director, National Centre for Creative Health

Talk title: Culture, Creativity, and the Social Determinants of Health

Alexandra Coulter is the Director of the National Centre for Creative Health. Its mission is to advance good practice and research, inform policy and promote collaboration, helping foster the conditions for creative health to be integral to health and social care and wider systems. The NCCH was formed in response to Recommendation 1 in the Creative Health report, the result of a two-year inquiry by the UK All-Party Parliamentary Group on Arts, Health and Wellbeing.

Ray Yeates—City Arts Officer, Dublin City Council

Talk title: Creativity Disruption Well Being and Risk

Ray Yeates is the City Arts Officer for Dublin City Council. He has worked in the Arts for forty years and he is formerly the Director of Axis Ballymun, Deputy Artistic Director of the Abbey Theatre and Artistic Director of The Chelsea Playhouse in New York.

Magda Kaczmarska—Teaching Artist & Atlantic Fellow, GBHI

Magda Kaczmarska is a dancer, choreographer and creative aging teaching artist based in New York City. Magda has dedicated her career to utilizing the vehicle of dance to support changing narratives around agency, belonging and the right to self-expression. Her multidisciplinary work leverages a dual background in neuropharmacology and dance to build bridges between seemingly disparate sectors. Devoted to building evidence base, while expanding public and professional education in best practices in creative aging practice globally, Magda balances her work in intergenerational community-based teaching with engagement in advocacy.

Karen Meenan—Director, Lewy Body Ireland, PPI & Communications Coordinator, Dementia Trials Ireland & Atlantic Fellow, GBHI

Karen Meenan is an Atlantic Fellow for Equity in Brain Health and is Co-Founder and Director of Lewy Body Ireland. She is founder of Making Hay Reminiscence Theatre and volunteer with the Forget-Me-Nots choir. She is a volunteer researcher, broadcaster and producer of award-winning dementia-inclusive radio programmes at NearFM in Ireland and LLARC in the UK. Karen has recently been appointed PPI and Communications Coordinator at the newly formed Dementia Trials Ireland (DTI).

Jess Majekodunmi—Director, Human Sciences Studio, Accenture

Jess Majekodunmi is a design historian and an innovation designer, and okay with contradictions. Her career has zig zagged across continents and sectors, for-profit and for non-profits. As the Director of the Human Sciences Studio at The Dock, Accenture's flagship global R&D centre, she spends her working hours asking ‘why?’, ‘how?’ and ‘so what?’ about people, society and technology.

Jess is a co-founding member of Beyond Representation, an organisation championing women of colour who are breaking new ground in Irish media, arts & business. Jess also sits on the board of the Irish Writers Centre. Jess says she tries to be fearless when battling imposter syndrome, gracious when asked where she is from and relentless in her pursuit of conscientious innovation. 

Brian Lawlor—Deputy Executive Director, GBHI

Brian Lawlor is a professor of old age psychiatry at Trinity College Dublin, and deputy executive director of the Global Brain Health Institute. He is a geriatric psychiatrist with an interest in dementia, late-life depression, loneliness, and brain health. Brian has worked for over 30 years on developing services and delivering care to people with dementia. His research interests range from early detection and prevention to evaluating new treatments for dementia.


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